New Beginnings

Tap water’s surface with trembling, outstretched hands and dive in. Not yesterday’s blood red sunset, carving fear across the horizon, or reassurance of tomorrows wrapped in fleece comfort, but the moment of inertia, submerging through surface tension, first ripples spiderwebbing, bubbling with life. It’s time for another W3 prompt (Wea’ve Written Weekly) at the Skeptic’sContinue reading “New Beginnings”

Poem: Ways of Seeing

Maybe some sovereign ellipses, bracketing the earth’s brilliance, mounting unlimited power. Maybe Ares’ spear and shield, his rights chariot-ridden through clouds under his father’s thunderbolts. Maybe drops of ice crystals, floating suspended in the sky, whispering back to trace damp earth. Today, I’m participating in David’s W3 prompt over at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Today’s promptContinue reading “Poem: Ways of Seeing”

Why I Love Writing

I believe that you can change the world through writing and other creative works. Maybe it’s not always a simple or obvious process, but each word might be one small step towards a greater journey. One way I see this is through my students. Even those who at first tell me that they don’t enjoyContinue reading “Why I Love Writing”

Poem: Morning/Afternoon

Patchy beachfront beside lapping waters, carrying echoes from the city streets, curbed edges where plants and people meet, distance dwindles these spires and towers. Our movement like clouds, we loom and then break, graceful messengers from another time, places similar but twisted in slant rhyme, scenes spliced together in two separate takes. Last weekend, myContinue reading “Poem: Morning/Afternoon”

Poem: Work in Progress

Family: work in progress. Like tree branches arching, you will grow: the forks you choose for each limb unknown until you reach the intersecting valleys, relying on gentle hands and histories. Father’s journey: tapestry of mysteries; Mother’s stories: secreted into galleries. All life’s answers unneeded to go. Love, dirt, and time; our truth will follow.Continue reading “Poem: Work in Progress”

Poem: Second Chances

Take my hand now, back in time: we’ll sweep forward smoothly in rhyme and rhythm divine, listen to the climb of our voices, our hearts’ beating chime, a life looming beyond yesterday’s mime. Today’s poem was inspired by the W3 prompt that David hosts at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. The prompt came from Murisopsis, who wroteContinue reading “Poem: Second Chances”

Poem: Drifting Together

Today we hold your hand present in this moment; time is only grains of sand until we embrace its lament. The river metaphor is overdone, but watch its waves regardless, learn love from the passing sun. Gather strength as moments pass beyond our circadian thought: together, we read this scale of land, repair the bridgeContinue reading “Poem: Drifting Together”

Poem: Steadfast Friend

open lemon palms clasping secrets in shadow more than just a weed orbiting luscious blossoms cast my gentle color wheel Today’s #TankaTuesday Challenge asks writers to reflect on the theme “useful”. Dandelions may have a bad reputation, but they always remind me of a quiet, dependable friend: returning loyally to familiar places, sharing memories, smilingContinue reading “Poem: Steadfast Friend”

Poem: Summer Brain

Whispered wonder under the apple tree. Branches reach down gently to brush small heads, spill emerald secrets, ivory glee, springtime mysteries eager to be read. Above, joyful clouds freckle shadows. Sun light baptizes their investigation. A zephyr sighs, twigs twirl, a gray squirrel runs, rose-breasted robins trill near the basin. Little eyes move on, butContinue reading “Poem: Summer Brain”